Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ our Lord

On May 14,15 and 16th. The International Men’s Ministry (IMMA) of the PAW inc. met in Minneapolis, Minn. for our first conference with the new elected officers. The conference kicked off on Thursday evening with anointed music, and an awesome message with the host Pastor and diocesan Bishop Richard D. Howell.

On Friday morning the seminars began with relevant subject matter ie. dealing with issues concerning men and their walk with the Lord. Also on that morning we were able to be transparent and share some of the struggles we all face as saved men but are to ashamed to tell anyone for lack of trust within the body of Christ. We continued the experience with over 200 men present.
Bishop Howell ask a question which sparked dialogue concerning sensitive subject matter (for men only), the dialogue brought to mind the scripture in Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony. No test no testimony. There was a sister there who was inspired to see over 200 men gathered together on a friday morning. Friday evening we continued the experience with a powerful word from our auxiliary director Bishop Mark Tolbert who preached from our theme ABOVE AND BEYOND.

This maiden voyage with the 2014 IMMA elected staff and the MWDDC staff was a great experience and success, to God be the glory. It was in our last service Saturday afternoon that the Lord seal the conclusion when a soul was baptized in Jesus name. We salute The honorable Bishop Richard D. Howell for hosting and his great hospitality, our chairman Elder Tommie Hughes for his vision and the MWDD council for making this conference an ABOVE AND BEYOND experience.

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